The Meat Education Programme has become an extremely useful educational tool to many professionals within the industry. Here, a few members share their positive experience of using the programme.

I think the Meat Education Programme is a great learning tool. The learning material is easily accessible on the AHDB trade website, choose your sector, learn your chosen module/s, which are easy to follow and understand due to the format that they have been presented in, and then take the online exams. The Meat Education Programme can benefit not only people new to the industry but also people that have worked in the industry for many years. The increased knowledge that learners can gain from the programme will be of great benefit to their company as they will have a better understanding of the industry, it will also increase their own confidence, which will in turn help them to perform to best of their ability. In my experience, the Meat Education Programme aids and promotes the learner's desire to increase their knowledge of the meat industry.

I really like the Meat Education Programme, as do the staff. The ability to learn at your own pace makes it friendly to varying skill sets and reduces pressure on staff that are less experienced when working alongside people that have been butchers most of their lives. The fact that it can be accessed online and material can be downloaded, makes it easy to show staff anywhere anytime rather than referring through books when training online. The benefits to the company is educating trimmers back towards butchers, as this gets real skill/knowledge to the staff that are eager to learn more. Where we are looking at training people from machine operators who need more whole primal education to people that are working on meat counters and need to not only know steak and joint cuts, but speciality cuts and the basics on cattle selection as well as key quality points and what they mean, such as cold shortening, DFD and maturation. This helps install confidence to talk about the product, and engage with people when challenged on quality or recommended cuts. I believe this is a motivational tool for the people that are eager to learn and that take pride in knowing about their chosen field, in an industry that offers little in terms of apprenticeships in today's market, due to old style butcher shops becoming distant memories, to learn many aspects of butchery that could otherwise be unavailable to them, and gain a recognised body award for their progress.

I have found the course incredibly interesting and hopefully will get the opportunity to do some of the practical examinations in the next few months to really improve my meat knowledge.

This will be an absolutely invaluable tool for key staff and customers. It is the best publication I have ever seen and the potential value is tremendous.

Everyone needs more education - and there's something for everyone in the Meat Education Programme. I work in the New Product Development department and I'm always looking for inspiration for new cuts - the study materials are packed with ideas for new and innovative products.

Congratulations on the project - a really useful and professional training tool.

The Meat Education Programme is a fantastic opportunity to invest in our people; to make them better professionals, and this will make the difference.

I have been a butcher for many years and this extensive programme is the best I have experienced. The online theory modules are easy to do in your own time and I certainly recommend the Programme to all butchers.

An excellent learning resource, which will provide our counter staff with even more knowledge, which they can pass on to our customers.

We've categorized the modules according to industry sector. Just click on the sector which is most appropriate for you.

The Meat Education Programme has become an extremely useful educational tool to many professionals within the industry. Here, a few members share their positive experience of using the programme.
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