AHDB Beef & Lamb has developed a comprehensive training programme consisting of both practical and theory modules. The Meat Education Programme includes courses covering not only beef and lamb, but also cooking with red meat and customer service. Online assessment and certification are available - and completely free-of-charge - for the theory modules. All the modules are an invaluable source of information and are accessible to anybody working in the meat industry.

Assessment Modules Available*

Understanding Cooking Beef, Lamb and Pork and the Different Cooking Methods Used

take online assessment Cooking - Theory - Level 1

Ever wondered how to cook the perfect steak, whether meat should be rested, when to use the sous vide cooking technique, how long to roast a leg of lamb for? If you or your customers want to know what the best method is for cooking a certain cut of beef, pork or lamb, then this educational meat cooking course is for you. This meat cooking course is designed to provide a good understanding of how to cook red meat. Once you have successfully passed this exam you will be able to confidently advise consumers on the most suitable cooking methods, cooking times and temperatures for cooking particular cuts of beef, lamb and pork.

Understanding Customer Service - Serve-Over Counters

take online assessment Customer Service - Theory - Level 1

This course is designed to highlight the key steps of the customer journey for those working behind a meat counter in a supermarket or an independent butcher. All too often in food retail, all the attention is given to the product on sale, how it looks, how much it costs and how good it will taste. There is often not enough emphasis and attention given to the critical point of where the product changes hands and moves from the business to the paying customer. It is the quality, consistency and sincerity of this transaction that will decide if there will be further transactions and if the customer will return.

Effective and Engaging Telephone Skills

take online assessment Customer Service - Theory - Level 1

Designed to highlight the key aspects of effective telephone skills for those working in abattoirs, processors, meat wholesalers/exporters, catering butchers, independent butchers or foodservice, this module will examine the importance of establishing an effective telephone manner. It looks also at how to be engaging and how to ensure the caller is pleased they called your number, department or business. We will also look at what can go wrong, how to avoid it, how to deal with challenging calls and moments of truth that will help you stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.

* not all industry sectors will have access to these assessments.

We've categorized the modules according to industry sector. Just click on the sector which is most appropriate for you.

The Meat Education Programme has become an extremely useful educational tool to many professionals within the industry. Here, a few members share their positive experience of using the programme.
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