AHDB Beef & Lamb has developed a comprehensive training initiative - the Meat Education Programme - consisting of both practical butchery/cutting and theory modules for beef. Online exams and certification are available - and completely free-of-charge - for the theory modules. All the modules are an invaluable source of information and are accessible to anybody working in the industry.

Assessment Modules Available*

Understanding and Recognising Beef Cuts

take online assessment Beef - Theory - Level 1

This meat training course focuses on recognising and identifying primal beef cuts. This learning module will explain what the primal cuts are, where they are situated within the carcase and what meat cuts they are mainly used for.

Recognising Beef Foodservice and Retail Cuts and Understanding the Best Cooking Methods

take online assessment Beef - Theory - Level 2

This online training course is designed to educate you on the wide range of beef cuts that are available and the most suitable cooking methods for them. The accompanying study material, developed to help learners pass the exam, features more than 100 beef cuts - from roasting joints to braising steaks and from beef steaks that are perfect for grilling to offal cuts.

Cutting and De-Boning a Beef Carcase into Primal Cuts

take online assessment Beef - Practical - Level 1

This hands-on beef butchery course focuses on cutting and de-boning a side of beef into individual primal cuts and muscles. A beef carcase can be broken down in different ways and using a range of techniques. We have chosen to break down the carcase while hanging as this is lighter work making gravity work for the butcher. Breaking the carcase down on a butcher's block can create the same result, however, this is fairly heavy work and could create back problems in the longer term for the butcher. This meat cutting exam is aimed at anybody involved in breaking down, cutting, butchering and de-boning a beef carcase. Some of the primal cuts featured in the study material for this practical meat training assessment come from both the beef forequarter and the beef hindquarter and include: chuck roll, ribeye, rump cap, salmon cut, sirloin and topside.

Cutting Beef Primal Cuts into Basic Retail and Foodservice Cuts 

take online assessment Beef - Practical - Level 2

This meat training course for butchers focuses on cutting beef primal cuts into basic retail and foodservice cuts. Each primal cut can be cut into different retail and foodservice cuts. Starting with the topside right through to the shin. Each stage is shown with both written and photographic instructions, which will provide you with the required knowledge you will need to pass this beef cutting exam. Some of the meat cuts outlined in the training manual include: silverside joint, rump steak, flat iron steak, picanha steak, flat brisket and rolled sirloin. Each cut is illustrated with step-by-step cutting specifications.

Cutting Beef Primal Cuts into Advanced Retail and Foodservice Cuts

take online assessment Beef - Practical - Level 3

This practical meat cutting course is the highest of our butchery training modules for beef and focuses on cutting beef primal cuts into more advanced retail and foodservice cuts. By using more seam butchery the primal cuts are cut into different retail and foodservice cuts. The benefit of seam butchery is that beef primals containing more than one muscle can be cut into individual muscles with different eating qualities and usage. Gristle and connective tissue can then be removed creating cuts of beef which have a more consistent eating quality. Innovative cuts of beef, such as picanha steak, sirloin cannon, club steaks and flat iron steak, are featured in the study materials for this beef butchery training course.

Understanding Cattle Production, Beef Quality and the Supply Chain

take online assessment

Want to learn how to produce the best beef? This online meat training course is aimed at anybody working with beef, whether you're a beef buyer, supplier, chef or butcher. This beef learning course explains the difference between the different types of breeds and their characteristics, the different stages in the animal's life from calf, heifer, cow, bull or steer, matters that affects beef eating quality, how and what is the optimum time for maturing beef, the supply chain involved and what the consumer is ultimately looking for.

take online assessment Identifying Beef Carcases

take online assessment

This educational meat course is aimed at anybody working in the beef supply chain who is looking to learn about beef carcases. Beef is produced from a wide range of breeds and different types of cattle from either the dairy or suckler herd. Each of these has their own specific characteristics and qualities. The course study material will explain how to identify different types, age and sex of beef cattle by examining the carcase.

* Not all industry sectors will have access to all of these assessment modules.

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The Meat Education Programme has become an extremely useful educational tool to many professionals within the industry. Here, a few members share their positive experience of using the programme.
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