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AHDB Beef & Lamb launched the Meat Education Programme in January 2016, having identified a lack of accessible training for professionals working in the meat industry.

The Meat Education Programme - a free-to-use educational resource for the whole of the meat industry - aims to help both individuals and businesses enhance their knowledge and understanding of red meat and provide them with formal certification.

The Meat Education Programme is targeted at the whole of the meat supply chain, including: butchers and processors; chefs, foodservice sales and new product development staff; meat buyers and traders; meat counter staff, and marketing professionals and press.

Meat training courses

The Meat Education Programme comprises theory modules and practical beef and lamb butchery/cutting courses, covering: understanding beef and lamb breeds, production and improving meat quality; identifying beef carcases for classification, quality, age and the sex of the animal; understanding and recognising different beef and lamb cuts; ideal cooking methods used for different muscles; understanding cooking with red meat; customer service for butchery serve-over counters; telephone skills for meat sales staff; and three beef and lamb practical butchery modules for butchers to demonstrate their meat cutting skills by cutting a carcase into primal beef and lamb cuts and producing retail and foodservice cuts.

Online exams and certificates are available - free-of-charge - for the theory modules. The three practical beef and lamb butchery courses are assessed at the student's place of work by highly experienced butchery professionals.

There are 16 theory and practical butchery/cutting modules and each is supported by must-read study materials, which are free to download, and which have been produced to help achieve optimum results.

Anyone taking part in the Meat Education Programme can track their progress online; the website highlights which assessments have been taken, results and any certificates that have been achieved.

The Meat Education Programme is designed not only to enhance the knowledge of everyone working in the meat supply chain but also to make the industry more appealing to newcomers by providing easy access to meat training and development, with demonstrable accreditation.

In-house training

Companies can use the Meat Education Programme to complement their own butchery classes and training courses. Training and development managers, heads of butchery and HR managers should get in contact if they are interested in embracing the resource within their own in-house training programmes.

Study materials and even online exams for a number of the meat training courses have also been translated into Polish.

Amazing success

The Meat Education Programme has gone down well with members of the meat supply chain, with high levels of engagement and participation. You can read what people have said about the programme on our Testimonials page.

So far, more than 14,000 people have visited the website. Almost 5,000 exams have been taken, while an impressive 2,900 certificates have been awarded to those who have successfully passed. People appear to be taking the time to thoroughly learn the content, as we've seen over 8,700 downloads of the must-read study materials.

Furthermore, the Meat Education Programme recently triumphed at the Food Management Today Awards, picking up the Best Training Initiative award.

To find out more about the Meat Education Programme and to see how it can benefit your business, please contact: MEP.Enquiries@ahdb.org.uk.

We've categorized the modules according to industry sector. Just click on the sector which is most appropriate for you.

The Meat Education Programme has become an extremely useful educational tool to many professionals within the industry. Here, a few members share their positive experience of using the programme.
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